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Animation | Promotional Videos


Creating promotional and tutorial videos for a new private sale portal company.

Having created video content for Okaylah in the past, we were only too happy to help them out in creating a series of videos from promotional to tutorial videos for their brand new re-launched website.


The challenge was to capture the energy of the company new face Lah. An animated character which would guild the costume through the process of setting up and selling their property. 


It was also important to Okaylah to include a number of key message in each video and show what services the company offers with an easy-to-follow video.

What did we do?

First, we spoke to Okaylah in regards to the messages they wanted to be featured in the video. We spent some time going over concepts and design features for the video. Originally, the promotional videos primarily used blue and yellow throughout, however, Okaylah decided 




In total, we created 2 x 3-minute promotional videos, 4 x 2-minute tutorial videos featuring a voice over.


What did the client say?

"I first met Jake at a Doncaster Chambers event and was impressed with his approach towards identifying and simplifying the OkayLah key messages with detailed storyboards accompanied with structured timetables. Throughout the process, Jake regularly updated the progress and continued to contribute so always looking to improve on the original concept.


Jake is very enthusiastic and a  pleasure to work with, highly recommended and I look forward to working with Jake in the future."


Paul Telford - Managing Director