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Me & Qigong

Two brand new health and welling programmes.

Me and Qigong a brand new health and wellbeing programme presented by Meg Allen and directed and produced by Jake McNeil.


Qigong is a self-healing art and has been practised for thousands of years in China. A modern interpretation of Qigong became popular in the West during the 40’s and 50’sMe & Qigong provides a unique and modern approach to the ancient self-care system of Qigong. The programmes demonstrate simple exercises by performing slow and gentle movements combined with a controlled breathing pattern.


Meg wants to share this amazing self-healing art with others so she decided to become a Qigong teacher. She has taught Qigong extensively throughout the UK and has witnessed many people young and old, fit and those not so fit improve their health and wellbeing.


This DVD contains two unique Qigong programmes featuring Meg Allen.

What did we do?

We created a brief determining the type of programme Meg Allen would like to us to produce. When all parties agreed we began the production process.


Throughout all stages we kept Meg updated and we determined that it would be ideal to record all instructions in ADR due to noise issues on the outside. We believe this provided a more professional and clear narrative for the audience practising the simple exercises.


What did the client say?

"I approached Jake McNeil because I was looking for someone to direct, film and edit a Qigong DVD. Jake helped me by his professional approach, vision and calming nature to produce a professional DVD way beyond my expectations. One thing I liked was the way Jake had the ability with his amazing imagination and talents to add extra features to the DVD material. I found the experience working with Jake humbling due to his unassuming nature and his ability to keep me calm throughout the filming process.

I would recommend Jake McNeil without hesitation to anyone looking for a gifted, caring and professional filmmaker."


Meg Allen - Managing Director


Please note – The producers of this DVD accept no liability for any injuries caused by participating in this programme. You are advised to check with your doctor before you start any exercise programme.


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