Atari VCS Modern Classic Controller 3D Model gets recognised by the Atari.

I have always been a video gamer, I love playing all types of games from Modern to Retro. I decided to use my skills in 3D modelling and combined them with my love of video games. Atari is known for kickstarting the video game industry in the 1970s with the original VCS later known as the Atari 2600. Atari has decided to come back and make a brand new console ironically called the Atari VCS.

I won't go into detail about the console, but I will say, the console is scheduled for release this year and is a hybrid of a gaming console and PC. I always get excited when I see a new exciting product announced, and especially wanted to create something that would celebrate the past and present of Atari with my own skills.

The Joystick is one of the most iconic designs in video game history and is still used today whether a re-release or the basic concept of the Fire or directional movements.

Atari will be releasing a modern version of their classic joystick, I spent several days looking at lots of photos and videos to get an understanding of the main design of the new controller.

Using Blender as the main program to create the 3D models I was able to near realistic looks of the controller which I very please by.

After creating the controller, I added textures, colours and positioned the camera for the final render which took over 7 hours in total to create. I added the final detail of the logo, text and design in Photoshop before posting it on Twitter.

I wrote a message to Atari on Twitter letting them know I was super excited about their VCS console and created a poster, I was so happy to see that Atari commented and retweeted my poster I created featuring their new Joystick for their upcoming Atari VCS console.

The plan next is to make a short video of the Joystick and also continue to work hard on creating more models.

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