Day to Night Clock Animation Test

Hi All,

I promised myself to create a new video every week part my New Years resolution. In the first week, I created the time-lapse video using the Sony A7III with the Tamron 28-75mm lens.

You can read the blog here:

This week, I decided to focus on the animation side and create a simple animation test using I motion graphics and simple animation techniques with the use of Adobe After Effects. The purpose of this video was to train me to use different animation techniques and understand the use of colour to represent time or emotion which would grab audiences attention.

I recently watched a video on YouTube called "Color Theory Basics", the video explains in detail about how colour theory works, colour mixing and colour schemes, I found this to be the starting point to create this short animation test.

From this short animation, I learnt a considerable amount all of the stage of creating this short. I can't wait to see what I create next week.

Here is the short 10-second video I create.

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