Doughnut Time - Lockdown

Learning new skills was a great way of discovering and coping throughout the lockdown period for many people. I decided I wanted to start learning new skills in 3D animation and use these potential skills for future projects.

Over the last year, I have been developing new skills in animation through Adobe After Effects with short animation tests and short sequences such as Space, which uses 3D camera techniques with animated 2D planes.

I wanted to take the next and develop skills in 3D animation using a programmed designed to exactly that. Foruntently there is a powerful 3D animation software called Blender which is completely free.

Blender's community base is very large compared to other 3D animation programs such as Maya or Cinema4D, so, finding tutorials and get-starting guides were very easy.

I was able to find tutorials from YouTubers such as Blender Guru and Grant Abbitt, who provide fantastic step by step guides to getting started.

The first tutorial I followed was the very popular Doughnut tutorial, which I spent around two days follow and was very impressed with the final result.

A basic doughnut before I applied the essential items which makes a doughnut amazing!
The final version which includes textures, a plate, napkin and sprinkles. I am very happy with this final results.

My next project currently has taken longer than expected, and I am afraid I might be spending too long focusing on this one project and not broadening my scope in learning 3D modelling and animation.

However, only time will tell. I hope to show the results of my next 3D project on my blog soon. So please stay tuned.

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