Happy New Year

Hello Everyone,

2018 was a fantastic year for Jake McNeil Films with lots of new projects to work on, and new skills learnt. Let's take a look back at some project we accomplished in 2018:

New site launched!

Starting 2018 with a bang was important. I decided to switch web servers and create a new website which provided future proof technologies and uses the modern standards of HTML5 for mobile, tablet and desktop computers.

We have continued to add new content, update our terms and conditions and design new ways for our clients to get in touch via the web services we provide.

We will be rolling out new updates to the website over the next few weeks, so please stay tuned for that.

Motion Graphics and Promotional Videos

In 2018, I was fortunate enough to have worked on a range of animation videos for a brand new Private Sale Portal Company called OkayLah. This tested and allowed me to learn new skills and throughout the process Okaylah wanted me to try some new animation techniques to build on my portfolio.

Throughout the year we worked on:

  • Three tutorial videos

  • Virtual Video - Inspired by the story of the Little Red Riding Hood

  • Two Motion graphics videos for their website

  • Two promotional videos

I am so grateful that Okaylah put their trust in my services to deliver a range of high-quality videos of their company.

My Life with Puppets and INK was selected and shown at film festivals!

In May 2018, My Life with Puppets was selected at the UKCineFest. Jack Bennett (Associate Producer) and I attended the event and watched our film on the big screen. We were also privileged to have also watched many of selected videos screened at the event which were great.

In October, INK our experimental short film was selected and screened at the ScreenTestFest Film Festival in Greenwich, London!

A snowy spring with a small video created!

The beast from the east in 2018 caused a snowy spring for most of the UK, and this was a fantastic opportunity to test out the Samsung Galaxy S7 edges 4K and slow-motion capabilities. I was pleased with the final result and I hope this year we will be able to create a follow-up video using the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, 4K 60p and 240 frames per second in HD capabilities.

Switching to 4K.

In 2018, we decided to switch from HD to 4K and has provided us with many benefits such as high-quality and industry standard video. It is essential for Jake McNeil Films to continue to provide our costumers with the best video and services.

We are aiming to switch from 4K to 8K by the end of 2021.

Attending the Photography Roadshow Event / Networking

In 2018, I attended The Photography Road Show event at the Doncaster Race Course, and this is where I was able to meet the guys at Sony and try out the brand new 24mm G-Master Lens.

It was also an excellent opportunity to network with people in the same profession as myself and try out the image capabilities of A7III with the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens.

I intend to visit more conventions, networking and roadshow events over the course of 2019. I currently have three lined-up with more on the way.

Featured in November's edition of Digital Filmmakers Magazine

In November, I featured in November edition of the Digital FilmMakers Magazine. I spoke about the student perspective of leaving University and taking on the role a freelance Videographer. In the interview, I also about my latest documentary project The Jam Horse Story and it's current progress.

You can buy and read this month's edition here:

The Jam Horse Story

In July 2018, I got in contact with Rachel Whittaker, the owner of the Jam Horse based in Doncaster. The new documentary, The Jam Horse Story, tells the story of Rachel and her story behind creating her new company The Jam Horse.

I wanted to create a documentary about someone who's going through the transition between either a career or life-changing experience. What inspired me to create this documentary was my own experiences of going through a recent change and aspiring to do something.

We started production in September and wrapped up in November 2018. Currently, there is no official release date. We will post blogs about the film very soon!

Blast from the past - making a short film!

I returned to London in October, where I met up with some old friends to create a short film to test out the capabilities of the Sony A7III and Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 lens. Over ten years ago, we created a short fan-made movie based on the television series Doctor Who.

We decided we wanted to go back and explore the world and the characters we had created for this fan made series we had created. We spent two days filming in Southwark Park in Bermondsey and filming in part of Greenwich.

I enjoyed the experience. It took me back to the day when the filmmaking journey was only beginning for me, and it was nothing more than just a hobby.

I hope to continue making more short films in 2019.

Watch the film here - please watch in 4K:

(Video is unlisted on YouTube due to copyrighted music - this film was created purely testing.)

So what next?

In 2019, I hope to work on a range of new projects. I am currently in talks with clients, and I also hope to release a variety of new videos from Live-Action to Animation which I make through the year.

I want to thank you for your continued support and wish you a Happy New Year, may all your dreams and successes come true.

Photo Credits: Moneer Elmasseek and Jack Bennett.

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