INK now released!

Emily-Jane Jones as INK

INK, my second short experimental film is now officially released on YouTube. The film has had a successful festival run with the film selected at the Feel The Reel International Film Festival and Hollywood Screenings Film Festival. The pervious experimental short film 'Cheesecake' also received a successful festival and was screened around the world.

Both films were part of my University degree course at the University Center Doncaster (Moving Image Production course not longer active as of June 2017). My ultimate goal was to create a film that showed surrealist sequences and had creative aspects which juxtaposed with a significant number of unique visuals.

Zoe Pearce as Gel

Cheesecake was shot in Black & White while INK takes on a different approach with the essence of neo-noir lighting, conceptual choreography and juxtaposes the light and dark elements of both characters INK (Emily-Jane Jones) and Gel (Zoe Pearce).

I would like to thank everyone who was involved with INK and Cheesecake for the fantastic work and dedication throughout the creation of this film.

Both films are now available to watch online.


INK experiments with an alternative approach to narrative and establishing itself to be more poetic based then narrative based. The characters Ink played by Emily-Jane Jones and Gel played by Zoe Pease are more symbolic as opposed to characters that appear in more traditional narratives. The film explores the psychological complexities of fear and nightmares. Ink embraces the notion of ambiguity which is in keeping within an experimental focus.

Cast & Crew

Emily-Jane Jones - INK

Zoe Pearce - Gel

Jake McNeil - Director, Editor, Producer and Writer

Victoria Senior - Make-Up and Hair Artist

Watch INK:

Watch Cheesecake:

Check out the official INK page for behind the scene and production photos.

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