My Life with Puppets - Pitch, Archive Footage and Meeting.

Since the last blog post in November 2016 I been in contact with Ronnie Le Drew, spoken to British Pathé and completed my pitch presentation. Here is a break down on each point:

Phone meeting with Ronnie

On 27 November I had a phone call meeting with Ronnie that had been arranged several weeks in advance to discuss the progress of the documentary and to gather more details about the potential topics that could be covered during the film.

In the phone call meeting there was a lot of points discussed and my task now is to breakdown each of the key points that Ronnie and I discussed, and to assess which areas the documentary will cover.

If the documentary was longer I believe that everything that was covered in the phone call meeting could be explored in some way, but unfortunately due to the short duration that I have I need to determine what questions to ask Ronnie in January. The challenge is to find the right questions to be able to tell the story coherently.

This is going to be very challenging for me but due to my experience working on another documentary, Inside The Box (2016), where I recorded over 10 hours of footage that was cut down to 7 minutes, I feel that I will be able to do this successfully. My previous experience will allow me to improve on the previous documentary that I made.

Archive Footage

I believe that Ronnie is shown in the footage so therefore having this footage could be beneficial for documentary. I intend to confirm this with Ronnie when we speak next before purchasing any of the material.


I am happy to announce that I have recently pitched the documentary to my tutors at the University. I was nervous about pitching this documentary because after developing the film for a number of months I am passionate about the project and did not want a poor presentation to diminish the project. Also, due to the short duration of 10 minutes to pitch the idea, I had concerns on whether I would be able to convey all the details, objectives, influences and any production concerns that would need to be raised about the film.

I am pleased that I was able to complete the presentation and fully discuss / answer any questions that were given to me by my tutors. For the first time when I began the presentation I felt confident enough to speak out, take my time and break down the key points that were shown in the presentation.

I am confident enough now that I will be able to go ahead and start preparing for production.

What’s Next?

I will be showing my risk assessments to the tutor of the module who will evaluate the assessments. He will either provide me with feedback about any changes that need to be made or approve the documents ready for filming to commence in January. Update my portfolio with the necessary documents. Evaluating the equipment that I have and assessing a potential budget. Updating Ronnie on the progress of the film and inform him of my findings. Watching more documentaries and behind-the-scenes / tutorial films. Until next time, that’s a wrap.


British Pathe (1964) Marionette Theatre. [Online Image]. Available from: [Accessed 13 November 2016].

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