My Life with Puppets - Shooting complete, now on to Post!

Since my last blog, I am pleased to announce that filming for My Life with Puppets is now completed. On March 28th, I traveled to London to complete the final pick-up shots that I required for the documentary. Before traveling to London, I re-watched the footage that I had captured from the previous two shoots to analyse what shots I required for my shoot.

The shots I needed included conducting small interviews with Ronnie Le Drew to discuss his time working with The Hogarth Puppets, working with John Wright, what defines a puppeteer and Ronnie reading the opening to The Little Mermaid, a show that Ronnie watched when his first visited The Little Angel Theatre and inspired him to become a puppeteer.

We also made the essential visit to The Little Angel Theatre, although we were not able to film inside the building we were given permission to film outside which could potentially work for the ending of the film, but this could change.

I have now started the Post-Production process for the film and I have begun to assemble the first cut.

Much like my pervious documentary Inside The Box (2016), the footage contains lots of interesting facts and information but is constrained by the limited duration.

The editing process makes me very apprehensive but it is a challenge I am willing to rise to. Over the next few weeks I will be creating the first cut that will be sent to my composer Samuel Clarke to enable him to start creating the score for the documentary, I have created a composers’ requirements sheet, which explains in detail the type of score that I wish Samuel to create.

Whilst most of the music requirements feature ambient music, I have asked Samuel to look at a range of particular music examples.

So what is next?

  • I continue to edit the documentary

  • Send Samuel Clarke the first cut for the film.

  • Send Ronnie the final list of Martial Releases for him to sign.

  • Speak to Fremantlemedia about the possibility of using a small clip from Rainbow featuring Zippy.

Until next time, thats a wrap!

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