My Life with Puppets - So it begins!

Since my last post, I am happy to announce that production began on Thursday 5th January in London. I travelled from Doncaster to London by Train as explained in my last blog Podcast audio post.

The objective for this first shoot was to conduct an interview with Ronnie and collect all relevant information by the answers given by Ronnie’s relating to his history both professionally and personal. I am happy to announce that the interview was a success and I was able to record around three hours with additional questions that came up during the interview.

Ronnie fully cooperated throughout the day and gave me fantastic answers to the questions I asked during the interview.

Before the interview I spent around two hours talking to him about his history, his family and also chatting about things not related to the documentary.

Ronnie showed me his large collection of scrapbooks and photo albums he created / kept over the last 50 years. This was extraordinary has this also gave me additional question to ask Ronnie during the interview but also it was important to create a comfortable environment where Ronnie and I could have laugh and chat as friends not an acquaintance and this provide to be successful.

Lighting Issues

Unfortunately, I encountered some lighting issues that occurred when shining on Ronnie. The issues that I faced were shadows and glare coming from Ronnie’s glasses. Although Ronnie insisted that he would be happy to remove his glasses for the interview, I opposed to the idea.

Due to fact that many people who have recognised Ronnie over a number of years have only seen him with glasses and this could cause distraction to the interview when shown. I was able to fix the issue by spending about an hour positioning the lights higher then expected, this stopped any glare and removed the hash shadows that formed under the glasses.

What’s Next?

I will be analysing the footage, creating notes and beginning to structure the documentary based on the notes I create.

In these notes, I keep track of key timecodes with important answers Ronnie shares, any errors that will need to be consider when editing such as (Hums, Pauses and Relevant sections).

But until next time, That’s a wrap.

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