My Life with Puppets - Sound Mixing and composing completed.

This is a short blog to update you on the progress of the film.

A few days ago I screened the latest version of my film to my tutors and peers. I was disappointed to discover that there is interference from a buzzing sound that can be heard during the interview with Ronnie.

My tutors suggested to me that I do an extensive search to find a sound mixer who might be able to fix a potential ‘low frequency’ sound issue. However, I was unable to find a sound mixer searching online on StarNow, Casting Call Pro and Facebook.

Fortunately, a friend of mine, Paul Howden, who has worked as a composer on several of my films agreed to do a complete sound mix of the film and fix the sound issues that were found. Several days later, Paul sent me the complete new sound mix of the film and I have now placed that into the timeline of the film, eliminating the previous sounds used and using this track as the main track for the film.

In my final blog, I will evaluate the overall project: the positives, negatives and summarise the overall production of the film.

But until then,

That’s a wrap.

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