My Life with Puppets - Update from BBC.

Since the last blog, Ronnie has sent me a range of photos, articles and archive material in relation to the interview I conducted with him on the 5th January. I am in the process of selecting the photos that will be included in the documentary and I am editing the film and selecting the photos that will be attached to my Material Release for Ronnie to sign off, allowing me to use the photos for the film.

I will be in the process of selecting images for the documentary over the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, due to the submission date for the Project Management folder, I was unable to put the reply in from the BBC regarding the permissions to use footage from their classic television shows (Click here for February blog)

In the reply, the BBC informed me that the permissions to use the footage will need to be evaluated and checked before the release could go ahead. On top of this, they informed me that they will not release any footage to members of the public or students as the BBC works under a Business to Business department.

If I wanted the footage, I could pursue a license as an individual where they may be able to make an exception but this will depend on the type of rights I want to clear.

Because of this, I will not be pursuing a license as I believe there will be a charge that will go over my budget for this documentary and possibly could be a rolling contract license.

The next phase for production is back in London for the final day shoot.

So until next time. That’s a wrap.

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