Sneak Peek: Tales of Tartarus Animation Sequences

I've been working on several animation sequences for an upcoming short film called "Tales of Tartarus" by Moneer Elmasseeek. Firstly, I was assigned to create the title sequences for the film.

The sequence was inspired by the books and films such as Jekyll, Frankenstein and Alice in Wonderland, each element reflecting on the stories and significant moment which continues to inspire the works of many filmmakers today.

Here is a clip of the completed sequence:

Another animation sequences I worked on, required me to create the illusion of a camera entering a long dark drain. Moneer Elmasseek provided me with a reference shots and several images to work with. When creating the 3D drain and positioning the 3D camera, I was inspired by sequences from television shows and film such as:

Lost when Jack and John looking down the hatch and The Shawshank Redemption when Samuel Norton stares into the hole which Andy Dufrense has escaped.

The Shawshank Redemption (1995) - Columbia Pictures

Lost (2004) - Exodus (Part 2) - Disney–ABC Domestic Television

This complex After Effects composition required over 100 layers to create the illusion.

Both complete compositions will be featured in the film.

Sneak Peek at the 3D model of the drain with lighting using.

Both complete compositions will be featured in the film and I can not wait for you to see it. When the film is made available online, I will update this blog with the film and final drain VFX shots available for everyone to see.

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