The Cold Space: 3D animation Breakdown

Today I am proud to reveal my latest 3D animation video called The Cold Space. I started production on this video in late October with the intention to create a small video that utilises a range of animation techniques and continue my development using this process.

The original first look of the 3D animation video, only featured the planet and asteroids.

Originally I intended to create a video which features the planet/asteroids, however, as I continued to develop animation, I decided to push myself, add additional sequences and complex animations effects. I want to create a sequence which provided a minimalist story which can be told in little time.

The idea of using an astronaut who is piloting a spacecraft into oncoming asteroids came from my love of space and various science-fiction films /televisions show I grew up watching.

This project became one of the most ambitious visual effects projects I've created using 3D's cameras, expressions, lighting and simulations without using any third-party plug-ins on Adobe After Effects. I created the asteroids using Maya and composed them into After Effects using CC Particle World.

Later in development, I decided to create an astronaut to keep the visualisation as real to life. I decided to create a concept featuring actor/friend Moneer Elamsseek.

Look at different images and watching hours of projects featuring Moneer helped understand the facial expressions he uses for sadness and despair, Majority of the facial expressions were created using the Puppet tool in After Effects.

The body of the astronaut was created in Cheetah3D and exported into After Effects. I added three different points of light around the 3D model to provide realism of the shining star entering the spacecraft and the light reflecting from the console alert screen.

43 amendments were made during the creation of this video, each After Effect sequences took around 3-5 hours to render.

To conclusion, I am proud of my latest 3D animation video, although at times it was frustrating due it's complexity, I have surprised myself with the ability to understand the tools provided by After Effects and create a short film which tells a short story.

I hope to continue to create more 2D and 3D animation in the future.

You can watch The Cold Space - 3D Animation below:

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