Week 3: Retro-Handheld - Promotional Test

It's been three weeks since I started my mission to create one video each week for 2019, I pleased that currently so far I am on course to archiving this goal.

Last week I created a simple animation test I created with the use of the basic lighting, motion graphics and Ray-Traced 3D techniques in After Effects. I was inspired by the unveiling product videos of Apple Inc. to create this video.

This is the first time I've spent creating a 3D animation video, using the After Effects and although I have created 3D animations videos before (on a limited scale and resources) I pleased by what I've achieved in a short space using After Effects.

Also, because I love retro consoles and handhelds, the iconic Gameboy was the perfect choice for the video to re-create.

Here is the short video I have created.

Legal Note:

This is a non-profit unofficial video that is not intended for commercial use. GameBoy is an intellectual property owned by Nintendo Co., Ltd. and this is not connected in any way with the said company.

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