Welcome to the first of many blogs that I will be sharing with you on my brand new website.

2017 was a fantastic year for me. I officially graduated with a Frist-Degree Honours in Moving Image Production and began my adventure as a freelance filmmaker.

While I was in University, I received an e-mail from Meg Allen who wished to work with me on a project she has dreamt to create for over 20-years.

Unfortunately I unavailable due to my studies but I informed Meg that once my studies where complete I would be happy to help create to create the Me & Qigong programmes.

We started production on the Me & Qigong programme in July 2017 with additional dialogue recording required due to the noise area at the lovely Walkers Garden situated near Doncaster Airport.

I officially completed the project in November 2017, after completed two programmes, one introduction video and the designer DVD for overall production. It was hard work but fundamentally enjoyed the project. We officially launched the DVD at The Walkers Garden in November 2017 with a fantastic turn-out.

Me & Qigong DVD is available to buy online at the Me & Qigong website: https://meandqigong.com/ (external link)

After I had completed the project, I was assigned to film a live Clairvoyant & Psychic Medium Evening in Doncaster for Dione Reilly. Using a single camera and controlling all the sound equipment, this project was very tough. The show took a few days to edit due to the poor lighting conditions inside the hall which the show was taking place and syncing the microphone audio which was recorded using a the shot-gun microphone attached to my camcorder. Also on the night, I conducted a few interviews with the audience which was very fun.

I am currently working on a four client videos for a new portal sales company in South Yorkshire; these videos included two tutorial videos, one introduction video - about the company and a viral video which unfortunately I cannot talk about until a later time.

Lots of work still to be done but the fun adventure of becoming a freelance filmmaker has been fun so far.

Website Changes:

At the end of last year, I decided it was time to switch to a new web developer due to the lack consistent delays on key features which makes a website stand-out. It is essential for me to consistently update my visitors and potential clients with new content that I create throughout each year which unfortunately was not possible on the old website.

After weeks of work, I have been able to complete this website with a new web-engine but maintain the same structure and layout as the previous web-engine used. It was hard work, but I am proud that I was able to pull it off due to the amount of positive feedback I received on the previous site.

So, what does the new website offer:

  • Domain: My website now uses two domains for easy access for all clients, you can now type in .co.uk or .com to the web-address.

  • Chat: Clients can now contact me via a brand new chat box which you can accessed by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page.

  • Blog: I have brand new blog, this was very important for me as I wish to keep all my visitors up to date on all the latest projects I am working on. I have also included all the blogs from the My Life with Puppets pages from the previous site which can also be viewed on the blog.

  • New Services: Motion Graphics and Animation services have been added to the list of services I provide with additional services to be added later in the year.

  • Payment: When clients they receive a invoice via e-mail, they can now pay in advance using PayPal.

  • Optimisation: The new website is now optimised for mobile and tablet devices with the new chat features also included.

  • New Content: Three projects I've worked, press content and other features have been added to the site.

  • Terms and Privacy: I have updated all the terms and privacy for 2018 which visitors and clients can access by scrolling to the bottom of the site.

There are plans to add more features over the coming months to improve the overall services and how the interaction between the client and creator can be improved. More on this soon.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please like this post and until next time,

That's a wrap.

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