Welcome 2020!

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to a new decade!

Last year was an incredible year working with new clients and developing new skills along the way. 2D/3D animation was one of the main areas I focused on last year, improving my ability to create stories within different environments.

At the beginning of the year, I started by challenging myself to create one animation sequence each week such as the Day to Night Clock animation and Piggy Bank Animation.

My skills were greatly increased by watching and reading tutorials about 2D animation and using more tools provided by Adobe After Effects.

After, I began work on a new client video for the company Ajika, creating a Kickstarter video for their new product. This video took several weeks to complete, I have not received a confirmation on when the video will be posted online, however, for now, I will here is are few behind the scenes pictures.

Next, I was contacted to make a promotional video for a youth Footballer who is currently in search of a football team. I spent a few days working with the family to create a video which would accurately show his ability on the filed.

At the end of the year, my friend Moneer Elmasseek contacted me in regards to the recent film he created "Tales of Tartarus", he required a complex sequence which would require a paper ball falling down a drain into a dark abyss. Also, I was asked to create the animation sequence for the titles and sound work for the film.

I can not wait to share more detail about the animation work I've done for the Tales of Tartarus very soon.

While working on The Tales of Tartarus, I decided to expand my 3D animation learning and created a short 3D animation video called The Cold Space. This was one of the most challenging project I've worked on.

I posted a blog talking about the film, so be sure to check it out.

2019, was a fantastic year for myself I became more creative and learnt a lot throughout the 12-months, it was a year of learning and discovering new skills along the way. I am so excited for this year and currently, we have a few announcements planned which we will post on our blog in the coming months.

Overall, this decade, we plan to expand the company further by providing new video services shifting the company solely from a production company to an agency and begin our shift towards an all-digital platform, allowing our clients to stay connect and view content using our websites and tools.

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