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Jake offers reliable, affordable video and animation services for many types of requirements. If you don't see what you're looking for, drop Jake a message or call.

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A range of services for all clients.



Do you need someone to film your next event; capture services or series of training videos or do you require a brand new promotional video for your business; Jake will be able to develop and film to your taste and requirements. 


Jake specialises in 2D animation and is committed to developing the highest quality animation videos for your business. Do you need an animated explainer video, social media clip, or infographics with eye-catching motion graphics Jake has it covered.


Do you have an important message you need to get out to the world, Let us help you create a video which conveys and delivers a message for your brand.


Sometimes we want to create a unique film look with experimental art. Experimental Art allows the creative media to explore alternative approaches to cinema and separated itself from traditional films.